If infertility is suspected, there are tests that can be done

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canada goose outlet sale 1. Visit a Urologist. In order to get your partner pregnant, you must be able to produce healthy sperm, which is produced in the testicles. Sperm then have to be carried into the semen and for this to happen, a sufficient sperm count must exist (higher than 15 million sperm per milliliter). Additionally, a man’s sperm must be well functioning and have good motility. Checking for male infertility is important because it could mean other serious health conditions too, such as a varicocele, infection, hormone imbalance, or testicular cancer. These conditions can often be missed by primary care doctors who will then refer men to a fertility doctor, who may also miss them. Make sure you talk to your doctor about checking for any of the other health conditions so that you can determine what else might be causing male infertility. Your doctor can refer you to an appropriate urologist to learn more about your specific case. If infertility is suspected, there are tests that can be done to confirm fertility problems. Some of the options for treatment include medication, surgery, or assisted reproductive technologies. With treatment, more than 50 percent of cases can be corrected. If semen analysis results are normal, there are natural ways to increase chances of getting a woman pregnant canada goose outlet sale.

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